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Medical Facial - Botox

Consultation with a qualified dermatologist. Botox treatments which relaxes the forehead wrinkles, wrinkles between the eyebrows, outer corner of the eyes, downward mouth, wrinkles on lips, jaw and neck. We dare to say; We offer greatest expertise eyebrows corrections. Leaning and uneven eyebrows shaped uniform while hanging and descending eyebrows...

Single Area 1.400,-
or e.g. 2 areas 1.900,-
or e.g. 3 areas 2.500,-
or e.g. 4 areas 3.100,-
Only the corners of the mouth 800,-

Medical Facial - Filler

consultation by authorised dermatologist. Restylane ® treatments are more than just a filler ti even out deep creases. You can also achieve improved contours, volume and a deep moisturising from within the skin, to give you an improved elasticity, structure and firmness. Your first visit is always a consultation without...

Filler and correction of either lips, corners of the mouth, cheek bones, old acne scars og below the eyes from 2500,-
Restylane Vital for the entire face from 3.500,-