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Our most luxurious facial where we focus on well-being and intensive skincare. We start off with a relaxing massage of your back and scalp. Then we continue with warm and softening treatments for hands and feet. This is rounded off with tissue-strengthening massages of face, hands, feet, shoulders – all...

(1 h.) from 975,-

Complete Me Special

A wonderful treatment of the whole body and face. A total body massage with aroma oils and warm lava stones, to relax and melt all tensions away, followed by a nourishing facial according to your skins needs. The treatment is completed with a healthy and refreshing vitamin drink.

(1 h. 45 min.) from 1550,-

A Piece of Heaven

The ultimate total experience of beauty care and wellbeing from head to toe including 4 complete treatments. Hands and feet are pampered with a luxurious manicure and pedicure, tension relaxing full body aroma massage, and a wonderful facial.

(2 h. 30 min.) from 2050,-

Crystal Tea Ritual

Japanese inspired body treatment incl. salt crystal scrub and massage as well as body pack of concentrate. Emphasis on the outside-in and inside-out treatment with antioxidants, rock crystal, minerals and green tea. Finally, you are offered a genuine matcha tea.

(1 h. 15 min.) from 1075,-

Behind You

This is an efficient treatment of your thighs and behind which softens lumpy tissue, increases the circulation of the blood and furthers the release of accumulated toxins. By means of fruit acids, in-depth tissue massage and nourishing products you will get a healthier, firmer and tighter shape.

(45 min.) from 625,-

Special Man

Recommended for the special man, this include treatment includes a back massage to release tensions of the neck, shoulder and lower back; a rejuvenating facial; and pedicure.

(1 h. 45 min.) from 1395,-

Hot Stone Massage

An extremely luxurious, full body massage with hot, Mexican lava stones that gently melt all knots and tensions away.

(50 min) from 895,-
(1 h. 15 min.) from 995,-

Relax Massage

A relaxing massage is started with warm and softening foot wrap "Soothing Oil Wrap", that has a deep and soothing effect on body and mind. This treatment is recommended if you desire complete well-being and to be pampered. Læs mere om Tranquillity kropsolien, som vi masserer med i behandlingen.

(50 min.) from 895,-

Aroma Massage

A classical massage form with organic aroma oils that relax both body and mind. This massage is deeper, than our other massages.

Body massage (50 min.) from 625,-
Back massage (25 min.) from 425,-

The Healthy Tan

Includes a total peeling of the face and body, moisturizers, self-tanning creams, giving you that golden glow from top to toe.

Body and face (50 min.) from 725,-
Face, neck and chest (20 min.) from 425,-

Mother 2 Be Massage

Massage of the whole body. The vulnerable skin around abdomen, bust and lower back region is treated with nourishing concentrates that increase the skin’s elasticity and counteract stretch marks. Legs are massaged in cooling and decongestant gels.

(50 min.) from 825,-

Perfect Legs

For problems with congested, tired or heavy legs. Legs are exfoliated and wrapped in a cooling mask, followed with a light massage, and special decongesting leg gel. Suitable for pregnant women

(30 min) from 495,-

No Hair!

Hair removal is conducted with very special hygienic system and 100% sterile disposable materials.

Hele benfra 545,-

Hele ben inkl. bikinifra 645,-

Halve ben (knæ/underben)fra 445,-

Halve ben inkl. bikinifra 545,-

Bikini eller armhulerfra 325,-

Hele ryg eller brystfra 495,-

Lændfra 325,-

Armefra 445,-

Overlæbe/hagefra 245,-

Advanced Electrolyse

Removal of red, visible thread veins that disfigures an even teint on the face. The treatment is performed with an advanced electrolyse methos and galvanic current, where the capillaries receives a heated action. This contracts the capillaries immediately. Already with your first treatment an improvement is visible. If there are...

(15-25 min.) 595,-