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Medical Facial – Botox

Consultation with a qualified dermatologist. Botox treatments which relaxes the forehead wrinkles, wrinkles between the eyebrows, outer corner of the eyes, downward mouth, wrinkles on lips, jaw and neck. We dare to say; We offer greatest expertise eyebrows corrections. Leaning and uneven eyebrows shaped uniform while hanging and descending eyebrows lifted naturally. Your first visit is always a consultation without treatment. Together we will find for your personal solution and schedule your appointment.

Our dermatologist is highly experienced, with over 15.000 of botox treatments behind him.


Single Area 1.400,-
or e.g. 2 areas 1.900,-
or e.g. 3 areas 2.500,-
or e.g. 4 areas 3.100,-
Only the corners of the mouth 800,-

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