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Advanced Electrolyse

Removal of red, visible thread veins that disfigures an even teint on the face.

The treatment is performed with an advanced electrolyse methos and galvanic current, where the capillaries receives a heated action. This contracts the capillaries immediately. Already with your first treatment an improvement is visible.
If there are many closely spaced capillaries next to each other, you have to expect several treatments. If only a few red dots, one treatment could be enough to achieve a perfect result.

The treated capillaries will never reappear, but new ones can occur very close to the same area. Annual treatments is recommended.

The treated skin will immediately turn white when the thread veins contracts and after a few minutes the skin will turn red again. The final result will be visible after a few days.

Remember to protect against sun exposure.

If you have a pacemaker, please consult with your doctor prior to this tretament.

(15-25 min.) 595,-

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