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Complete Spiritual

Award winning facial at the Danish Beauty Award 2016. An energizing, vibrational and balancing face treatment. Products from Själ, New York, containing enzyme peeling with crushed pearl, pomegranate and herbs. Firming face mask with silk proteins, copper peptides, gold, silver and platinum to boost the skin. Blue sapphire for vibrational...

(1h. 30 min.) from 1695,-

Complete Signature

Our most luxurious facial where we focus on well-being and intensive skincare. We start off with a relaxing massage of your back and scalp. Then we continue with warm and softening treatments for hands and feet. This is rounded off with tissue-strengthening massages of face, hands, feet, shoulders – all...

(1 h.) from 975,-

Complete Me Special

A wonderful treatment of the whole body and face. A total body massage with aroma oils and warm lava stones, to relax and melt all tensions away, followed by a nourishing facial according to your skins needs. The treatment is completed with a healthy and refreshing vitamin drink.

(1 h. 45 min.) from 1550,-

A Piece of Heaven

The ultimate total experience of beauty care and wellbeing from head to toe including 4 complete treatments. Hands and feet are pampered with a luxurious manicure and pedicure, tension relaxing full body aroma massage, and a wonderful facial.

(2 h. 30 min.) from 2050,-

Complete Face

Refreshing facial treatment where the skin is cleaned during aroma steam and freed from dead skin cells with an exfoliating peeling. Later the face is wrapped in a deep treatment mask and rests while you receive a soothing hand massage. Eyebrows fixed on request. The treatment is finished with a...

(45 min.) from 625,-

Additional 15 min. Face- and shoulder massage and dekolleté. Supplement 195,-
Additional 15 min. Deep cleansing of pores. Supplement 195,-

Ohh My Feet!

Feet are infused in a warm aroma bath and exfoliated with a peeling containing fruit and plant extracts. Calluses are removed and the feet are relaxed with a wonderful massage in a super softening cream. Cuticles are treated, toenails shaped. For men, nails are buffed for a polished look, for...

(45 min.) from 525,-
Incl. 4 layers of polishing (15 min.) supplement 150,-

Put Your Feet Up!

Get a break from the hustle and bustle with a nourishing and refreshing foot bath for your tired feet. This is followed by a scrub and a balming foot massage. Enjoy!

(25 min.) from 425,-

Complete Regimen Treatment

External and internal lifetime prolonging of cells with NUTRI-COSME-CEUTICALS. A special deep-tissue massage, fruid acid peeling and Skin Regimen products is used, to rejuvenate the skin. Halfway through the treatment, you will see a clear difference. When using the products at home for 30 days, plus minimum two treatments every...

(45 min.) from 675,-

Active Vitamin-Cure

Fruit acid and Vitamin C treatment for lines, wrinkles and excess pigmentation. The treatment stimulates cell renewal and firms the skin. Particularly efficient with impurities and large pores as well as with scar tissue. We recommend a treatment plan for 6-12 treatments for the best result as well as a...

(30 min.) from 595,-

Crystal Tea Ritual

Japanese inspired body treatment incl. salt crystal scrub and massage as well as body pack of concentrate. Emphasis on the outside-in and inside-out treatment with antioxidants, rock crystal, minerals and green tea. Finally, you are offered a genuine matcha tea.

(1 h. 15 min.) from 1075,-

Behind You

This is an efficient treatment of your thighs and behind which softens lumpy tissue, increases the circulation of the blood and furthers the release of accumulated toxins. By means of fruit acids, in-depth tissue massage and nourishing products you will get a healthier, firmer and tighter shape.

(45 min.) from 625,-

Special Man

Recommended for the special man, this include treatment includes a back massage to release tensions of the neck, shoulder and lower back; a rejuvenating facial; and pedicure.

(1 h. 45 min.) from 1395,-

Hands On

A luxurious manicure, hands are soaked in an aromatic hand bath, exfoliation with a peeling containing fruit and plant extracts. Cuticles are treated, nails shaped, hands are massaged with rich creams containing shea butter or aloe vera. The treatment is completed with a choice of buffing, natural, classic or French...

(30 min.) from 425,-
Incl. 4 layers of polishing (15 min.) supplement 150,-

Bioeffect EGF

Facial with high tech products from Icelandic BIOEFFECT that has developed the only plant-based protein EGF in the world based on high-tech research. Cleanse, exfoliation with volcanic ash and minerals, Epidermal Growth Factor special serum and massage, hydrogel mask and final cream care.

(50 min.) from 995,-

Side Orders

only as an additional to face treatment (around half price)

Eyebrow or eyelash tintsfrom 95,-

Eyebrow fixingfrom 95,-

Eye treat incl mask + massagefrom 195,-

Perfect legsfrom 245,-

Mini manicurefrom 195,-

Put your feet UP (scrub + massage)from 195,-

Scalp massage 10 min.from 95,-

Soothing Oil Wrap of hands and feetfrom 195,-

Hair removal upper lip/chinfrom 95,-

Complete Day Makeupfrom 195,-

Back massage 15 min.from 225,-

Fruit peeling + vitamin maskfrom 295,-

Advanced Electrolysefrom 350,-

Gua Sha Face Massagefrom 195,-

Face Yogafrom 195,-

LED Light Therapy

Permanent Make-up

highlight your natural beauty for up to 2 years. Get a dark contour mikropigmenteret between the lashes or a beautiful eyeliner. Get perfect corrected eyebrows, with the finest extra hair drawn into the brows where you missing selection, shape, color and fullness. We conducted these 3-D techniques since 1996. Incl....

Initial treatment 3800,-

Hot Stone Massage

An extremely luxurious, full body massage with hot, Mexican lava stones that gently melt all knots and tensions away.

(50 min) from 895,-
(1 h. 15 min.) from 995,-

Relax Massage

A relaxing massage is started with warm and softening foot wrap "Soothing Oil Wrap", that has a deep and soothing effect on body and mind. This treatment is recommended if you desire complete well-being and to be pampered. Læs mere om Tranquillity kropsolien, som vi masserer med i behandlingen.

(50 min.) from 895,-

Aroma Massage

A classical massage form with organic aroma oils that relax both body and mind. This massage is deeper, than our other massages.

Body massage (50 min.) from 625,-
Back massage (25 min.) from 425,-

The Healthy Tan

Includes a total peeling of the face and body, moisturizers, self-tanning creams, giving you that golden glow from top to toe.

Body and face (50 min.) from 725,-
Face, neck and chest (20 min.) from 425,-

Mother 2 Be Massage

Massage of the whole body. The vulnerable skin around abdomen, bust and lower back region is treated with nourishing concentrates that increase the skin’s elasticity and counteract stretch marks. Legs are massaged in cooling and decongestant gels.

(50 min.) from 825,-

Perfect Legs

For problems with congested, tired or heavy legs. Legs are exfoliated and wrapped in a cooling mask, followed with a light massage, and special decongesting leg gel. Suitable for pregnant women

(30 min) from 495,-

No Hair!

Hair removal is conducted with very special hygienic system and 100% sterile disposable materials.

Hele benfra 545,-

Hele ben inkl. bikinifra 645,-

Halve ben (knæ/underben)fra 445,-

Halve ben inkl. bikinifra 545,-

Bikini eller armhulerfra 325,-

Hele ryg eller brystfra 495,-

Lændfra 325,-

Armefra 445,-

Overlæbe/hagefra 245,-

Complete Polished

Choose between a polishing buff for either your fingernails or your toenails. Clear varnish, French or American manicure.

(15 min.) from 195,-

Soothing Oil Wrap

Pamper your hands or feet with a warm, conditioning pack rich with essential oils, vitamin C and antioxidants. Very deep and therapeutic effect on dry and damaged skin. A wonderful soothing experience for tender joints. The ideal treatment along with a manicure, pedicure or a well-being massage.

(20 min.) from 375,-
As supplement to another treatment from 195,-

Micro Needling

Facials with 0,75-1,5mm deep acupuncture needles, which immediately boosts the skin's own production of collagen up to several weeks. Refines visible skin texture, lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, sun damage and scars. We use topical anaesthetic prior to treatment and after processing with the moisture-binding hyaluronic acid, growth factors, and cooling...

(60 min) from 2500,-

(30 min) Non-invasive needling from 1500,-

For Your Eyes Only

an ultra-groomed eye area gives the face character.

Eyebrow shaping from 150,-

Tinting & eyebrow shapefrom 200,-

Eyelash tint incl eye maskfrom 200,-

Eyebrow and eyelash tint, eyebrow shape, nourishing eye mask from 400,-

Eye treatmentfrom 400,-

Permanent shaped and bended lashes lasting 8 weeksfrom 500,-

Permanent Makeup: Eyeliner lasting 1-2 yearsfrom 3.800,-

Permanent Makeup: Eyebrows lasting 1-2 yearsfrom 3.800,-

Party Makeup

Fun makeup for gala & theme parties incl. champagne.

from 495,-

Private Makeup Session

Learn how to apply the perfect makeup.

from 675,-
Group Session of 3-5 persons from 1995,-
or 6-10 persons from 3990,-

Medical Facial - Botox

Consultation with a qualified dermatologist. Botox treatments which relaxes the forehead wrinkles, wrinkles between the eyebrows, outer corner of the eyes, downward mouth, wrinkles on lips, jaw and neck. We dare to say; We offer greatest expertise eyebrows corrections. Leaning and uneven eyebrows shaped uniform while hanging and descending eyebrows...

Single Area 1.400,-
or e.g. 2 areas 1.900,-
or e.g. 3 areas 2.500,-
or e.g. 4 areas 3.100,-
Only the corners of the mouth 800,-

Medical Facial - Filler

consultation by authorised dermatologist. Restylane ® treatments are more than just a filler ti even out deep creases. You can also achieve improved contours, volume and a deep moisturising from within the skin, to give you an improved elasticity, structure and firmness. Your first visit is always a consultation without...

Filler and correction of either lips, corners of the mouth, cheek bones, old acne scars og below the eyes from 2500,-
Restylane Vital for the entire face from 3.500,-

Advanced Electrolyse

Removal of red, visible thread veins that disfigures an even teint on the face. The treatment is performed with an advanced electrolyse methos and galvanic current, where the capillaries receives a heated action. This contracts the capillaries immediately. Already with your first treatment an improvement is visible. If there are...

(15-25 min.) 595,-